7th December '15 - Itsudatte My Santa DVD AnimeReview.

I first bought this DVD a number of years ago and I watch and re-watch it every Christmas. It's consists of two episodes, with a trailer in between showing the next episode, lasting in total of 56 minutes. The language options are for English and Japanese with subtitles.

The first episode is about a teenage boy named Santa on account that he was born on Christmas day. His parents are away a lot leaving him alone in the house for a lot of the time. He is to spend his birthday and Christmas day alone. He meets a girl named Mai who has been sent by the Santa Claus Academy to cheer him up and fill him with Christmas spirit. He's too miserable to respond to any of her suggestions, even when she makes him a huge Christmas feast, and he sees her as nothing more than a pest. However when he realises she isn't insane but someone who has genuine magical powers, including changing her appearance, he decides to help her deliver presents and spread Christmas cheer.

The second episode is set during summer time and they spend the day on the beach. Mai has a little sister named Maimai who also has special powers and isn't shy about using them. A woman named Noel has been sent by the Santa Claus Academy informing them that Mai has to return to continue her training. They say their sad farewells for they won't meet up with each other again until Christmas. There's a lot more to this story but I don't want to reveal spoilers.

While there are a lot of sad moments within this anime it is mainly a farcical over the top comedy with exaggerated moments of hilarity. The serious moments however still fit perfectly into the storyline without appearing out of place.

One noticeably odd part was then the teenage boy Santa and Mai are visiting a children's home and there is a child sleeping in bed. In the English dubbed version Mai will refer to the child as she, yet in the Japanese language version the child is a he.

After the second episode there's a trailer for the third, yet as of yet I cannot find any reference online for other episodes existing. There are plenty of My Santa DVDs with variations of cover art but they are always the same two episodes. Incidentally on the version I have the DVD label can be removed revealing a small poster on the inner side.

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