19th July '13 - Windows Movie Maker.

This isn't my usual moan about a Microsoft product type blog entry, in fact this is a praise because I actually like Windows Movie Maker.

I first started using the version that comes with Windows XP some years ago to make Youtube slidehows and to edit things I had recorded. It is fiddly to use at first and takes a while to learn all of its features but once you've mastered it it becomes a very useful piece of software. There are annoyances with it too but as long as you're aware of them it's fine.

The version for Windows 7 is totally different however. It's been completely altered and does away with a lot of the annoying components of the previous Movie Maker.

I was using it to join seperate clips together and I was given an error message stating that some of my MPG files were either not supported or corrupeted. Then it gave me a link to a website telling me how to fix it. I wasn't connected to the internet at the time so couldn't do it. Then later that day, when I was connected, I tried the Movie Maker again and it didn't bother giving me the link because it had already fixed the non supported/corrupted files itself when I tried to edit them.

That was nice.

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