4th May '16 - Motoko Kusanagi Doll.

Many years ago I purchased a Motoko Kusanagi doll, in fact I bought two because they came in two different outfits. Now I'm not the kind of person who keeps things in their original packaging for the sake of items becoming collectables, I purchased them to play with. Incidentally they are what I would term as proper dolls in that they are 12 inches tall, jointed and have removable clothes, in a similar way to Barbie for instance. There are many anime figurines that are more for decoration but I'd say these as toys to be played with, by adults who still play with dolls.

They come with various guns and detachable hands which can be replaced by gloved hands. In fact a lot of the body is detectable which is essential if you replace their clothing but ironically the head doesn't come off as with so many conventional dolls. I've never been able to remove the boots without the feet detaching and remaining within the boots themselves. I remember in the past having the same problem with Action Man where eventually the back of the boots split.

Recently while fiddling with the boots I did manage to remove them without the feet coming off and to my surprise one of my Motoko's has two right feet. In all these years I had no idea. I wonder how many others are like that. I guess the boots are not designed to be removed so the manufactures weren't so bothered with quality control. Incidentally these aren't cheap dolls they were 30+ when they were new.

Both dolls are starting to age very quickly, i.e. the internal rubber elastic has become loose. It won't be long before they will fall apart and I'm not really apt at doll repair. The arms are fine but it's the body and legs they have become wobbly.

Motoko can stand on her own in bare feet.

Two right feet!

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