11th September '15 - Chat Room Friend MissVamperella666.

There's a chat room that I often frequent known as 321sexchat that despite its name and pornographic advertisements is a fairly pleasant place to chat about all kinds of subjects. It's sub-divided into other chat rooms and it even allows users to create their own. Most of the rooms are pure fantasy rooms such as The Mystical Forest, The Dungeon and The Hot Tub. While most users play along with the fantasy there are occasions where some chatters don't understand and simply ask for webcam sex over and over again. I've even been accused of trolling for splashing the water in the hot tub by someone who seriously pointed out to me that the tub didn't really exist reminding me that it's only text on the screen.

One of my chat friends, a regular of the chat room, understands fully what chat rooms are about and uses the name MissVamperella666. She describes herself as being very overweight, with long red hair and bright blue eyes. She wears a laced mini-dress leaving her large 44DD breasts practically popping out over the top. She also wears very tall high-heels that are glossy red looking somewhat like blood. When she impales her large fangs into a victim’s neck their warm blood spurts onto her breasts. She's also on a diet so she doesn't drain her victims fully and leaves them alive after feeding.

Of course it's all fantasy and most guys go along with it when she pounces at them, but it can be enjoyable when someone reacts out of context and attempts to argue with her. She defends herself but still under the guise of a vampire. She has spoken as her normal self a few times but only if the conversation taking place in the room is a somewhat serious one.

She's the kind of person that people either love or hate. I also love the fact that she claims to be very overweight, but I think she says that as an excuse to then claim to be on a low blood diet. I've no idea what she looks like in person. I've been looking online for what I imagine her appearance to be, yet haven't been able to find a fat vampire anywhere. Here's a picture of one of the famous goth Suicide Girls. She's not a vampire or overweight but she wears a similar style of clothing.

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