13th August '15 - Killer Mermaids.

Yesterday I saw a movie called Killer Mermaids. There was nothing on TV so I browsed through the movies available to rent on the PlayStation and came across this film. I've always loved stories about mythology such as mermaids, fairies, elves, etc so I thought this may be an interesting film. It was fairy expensive, 4.95 to rent the high-def version, while to keep was about 15.00, so I just rented instead. The movie auto deletes from the PlayStation within 48 hours of watching if it's rented.

The trailer was a little off putting to be honest. It focused upon the two main female characters in their bikini thongs far more than the mermaid herself making me feel it was one of those Baywatch style movies which I certainly am not into. Luckily the movie itself is a proper horror film and not what the trailer depicted.

When I first began to watch it I noticed the picture looked a little grainy for high-def. I've seen other movies like that too and I wonder why that happens. It's a modern film it's not as though it wouldn't have been filmed in high-def.

The story drags a little to begin with, showing the complex relationships between the characters, but this doesn't really matter and has no baring on the characters' reactions to each other later in the movie. If a psycho killer is after you then it makes no difference who is sleeping with who, you're still going to help each other and try to escape.

At first I was disappointed with the film but then suddenly, BLAM! The mermaid makes an appearance and the whole movie turns from mediocre horror into an exciting action movie. The mermaid eats people and uses her hypnotic Siren call to put men into her spell causing them to willingly approach. Women are immune from her song but she still will not hesitate to eat female flesh when she has the opportunity. The psycho killer from earlier in the movie is... I won't say any more as to avoid spoilers.

The title of the movie, Killer Mermaids, is a little inaccurate especially the DVD box art which shows two of them. There is just one killer mermaid after all. I also noticed during the end credits there were a number of references to Nymph which I suspect is the original title of this movie.

I still recommend this film. It is brilliant, but it does drag on for a little too long at the start. If I watched it a second time I would likely skip the first 45 minutes or so.

Mermaid, Nymph or Siren? Whatever she is, she's a killer.

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