25th October '08 - MCM Expo.

This time I decided to go early and avoid the massive long queue to get in, I arrived just after 9.00 and was able to join the fast track queue, so it was a 10 minute wait to get in rather than over an hour. A lot of people joined the other queue for standard entry tickets, but even once they got them they would still have to wait until after 11.00 to get in. The fast track tickets were only 4 more expensive.

I went as the Laughing Man out of Ghost in the Shell, it was a purple wig, a flat mask with the Laughing Man symbol on and a grey coat with high collar. I took the mask off inside the hall though because I couldn't see very well through the tiny eye holes. Lots of people made comments and a group of Japanese girls were trying to figure out who I was supposed to be because one of them recognised the symbol but couldn't remember where it was from, they didn't want me to tell them.

There were lots of celebs from the TV show Primal but I've never seen that so I didn't get their autographs.

There were fighting robots there too, just like the ones on Robot Wars, that was good to watch. There were boxing robots and one of then punched its own head off!

There were comic book artists giving a talk on stage and talking about how comics are attracting so many adult readers that children's comics are all disappearing, there's still a conceived myth that comics are for children and yet children's comics have essentially vanished. One of the artists said his children's comics were popular but not having a wide enough readership meant the puplishers weren't making any money and had to stop selling them. They also spoke about how Hollywood has been trying to convert some of their movie scripts into comic novels before making a movie, so that they can claim the movie is based upon a comic to make it appear cool. Someone asked them how many of their new ideas ever get made into a comic and one of them said about 90% of his new ideas never get beyond the first few pages of a draft before he realises the idea isn't very good.

There were lots of cosplayers there too, one was dressed as Santa and he said he was getting a sore throat from saying hohoho too many times. There was also a woman who was almost topless with her costume covering her nipples, she mentioned that she had taped her costume on so nothing will pop out that's not supposed to. There were crossplayers their too, I was tempted to go as Motoko from Ghost in the Shell, but my costume never arrived on time anyway.

I bought loads of comics and some Hello Kitty sweets.

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