25th May '08 - MCM Expo.

Yesterday on the 24th I went to the MCM Expo at ExCeL in London. MCM stands for Movies & Comic Media but their website was full of Anime and Manga so instead of wearing a Star Trek uniform as I usually do I wore a Ghost in the Shell T-shirt instead.

It was a brilliant show with masses and masses of stuff to buy, there were hundreds of comics and DVD's on sale. I always have a rule of not buying anything that can otherwise be bought somewhere else, but there was so much there I could have easily spent 1000's of pounds if I had the money.

The arena wasn't as big as a lot of other shows I've been to and there were so many people there it was packed. We were shoulder to shoulder at some of the stands. I had to wait for an hour in the queue to get in.

At least 95% of people were in costume including people selling things at the stands and I felt out of place expecially because I was on my own. I was going to go with someone but they couldn't come after all. :(

There were a lot of people holding boards saying 'free hugs' and hugging people. I never hugged anyone because most were young teen women and I felt awkward about hugging a teen girl.

There was also a giant inflatable Stay Puft man from the Ghostbusters movie as well as their car. I don't know if the car was the original one or a mockup but I assume it was genuine.

There were loads of people in costume, there was a man dressed as a schoolgirl, a dalek, an alien, stormtroopers, soldiers, a fox, the Laughing Man (from Ghost in the Shell), women in bandages covered with blood, Ulala from Space Channel 5, Power Rangers, and hundreds more. Next time I'll wear a costume. :)

I bought a manga starter kit with special pens and paper, some Japanese sweets, a Ghost in the Shell music video DVD with CD, a Ghost in the Shell Motoko wall scroll, a picture of me drawn by a manga artist and some comics.

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