14th October '14 - Emily Booth To Attend MCM Expo.

There's a comic/sci-fi/movie convention known as MCM Expo that I often attend. I don't always go because it's often expensive with so much there to purchase but when I do go I have a wonderful time. I usually dress in cosplay too, my usual is to go as Captain Picard but I've often been as other characters.

They always have celebrities at the show that sign autographs. Sometimes they sign for free, usually if they are promoting a new movie, but often they charge a fee. They also do photoshoots which cost even more. Anime voice actors are the norm but on occasion they do have someone more recognisable such as Daniel Radcliffe who will also attend this year.

Today I attempted to log into Facebook but it wasn't working. I was intending to view the posts on MCM Expo's Facebook page so instead went directly to their website and their forums where I discovered Emily Booth is going to attend on the Saturday. I'm a huge fan of Emily Booth and already have at least ten autographs of her, even though I've never met her. I've been a fan of hers since the 90s when she presented a show called Bits that reviewed video games. I usually attend Expo on the Sunday so I would have missed her if I stuck to my normal plan. I'm so glad Facebook was down today otherwise I wouldn't have known.

Emily Booth presents the Horror Channel in the UK.

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