27th October '14 - MCM Expo October 2014 (Saturday).

Last Saturday me and my brother went to MCM Expo at the Excel Centre in London. My main reason for going was to meet Emily Booth, but there were a lot of other celebrities too including a lot of the cast from Red Dwarf who I have met many times at previous events. Emily Booth was really nice but as we arrived at the signing area she and a lot of other celebs weren't there and I was worried that she may have finished for the day, but then to my surprise she walked past us and sat at her table. I also wanted to get Laura Bailey's autograph, she's a voice actress that has appeared in a lot of video games, but with the long queue that didn't appear to move I wasn't able to get her autograph in the end. The irony though is the line to meet her was circular so I was practically beside her while waiting so I did get to meet her after all.

Neither of us went in cosplay but I did wear a lot of Hello Kitty stuff and one of the highlights of the convention was when some women left the stall they were running and came over to me wanting my photo standing beside me.

There were a lot of other cosplayers but I didn't get that many photos this time, due to the vast amount of people, and I'm sure there's going to be a lot of complaints from people about how crammed it was. I would have purchased a lot more items too but felt awkward doing so with having to wait in line to look at the stall in front of me.


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