26th May '13 - MCM Expo.

I attended the MCM Expo today in London. I went with my brother and we dressed in steampunk style of clothing. There were a lot of other steampunks too as well as masses of cosplayers. I was surprised however by the lack of Lara Croft cosplay, there are usually quite a few Laras around but I only saw one dressed as Lara from the new Tomb Radier game, and another dressed as an Angelina Jolie Lara.

There weren't as many celebrities as there usually is but Camilla Luddington was there who played Lara in the new Tomb Raider game. She was really nice and chatty. What surprised me the most about her was her accent. She certainly doesn't have the same British accent that she does in the game.

On one of the stands there was a book signing and it wasn't until I was looking at the book that I realised it was Robert Lewelling from Red Dwarf. It's strange to see celebrities selling items directly.

I was also tempted to meet Levi from the Babestation TV channel. But as I approached I noticed there was a no photos sign, which was odd as she wasn't doing seperate photos in the celebrity photo area either.

One annoyance was the prices of items on the stalls. I was tempted to purchase an Alf teddy bear second hand but the woman at the stall said it was 25. It was probably less than half that price brand new. It wasn't even very big either.

At one point, on a different stand, a girl in cosplay bought an item and they put it in a bag for her and said 40. She responded by saying she expected it to be cheaper and simply handed the bag back to them and walked away.

A lot of the stalls intentionally don't display prices in the hope they can catch people out. I was caught when I paid 15 for a comic simply because I wasn't concentrating among the crowd of customers at that stand. The comic in reality is worth about 5 in my opinion.

One thing I did get cheap however was a booket containing ten anime postcards, it cost me 1.

Some of the cosplayers wore amazing costumes. There were three Doctor Whos and a Captain Jack walking around together. There was an alien, there were quite a few Spidermen and a Dr Octopuss. There were far too many for me to list actually but some of them must have took an incredible amout of time to put together. There were two women dressed as Nariko and Kai from Heavenly Sword, they looked amazing.

Heavenly Sword cosplayers.

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