26th October '10 - Photo Manipulation.

I've taken lots of photos in the past and it doesn't matter how good the photo is there's always some tinkering that needs to be done before I post it online. For example if the subject in the picture isn't quite in the middle I trim the edge. If it's a very large photo it's often inappropriate to post it online without resizing it. If the lighting is a bit faded there is software that will brighten the colours without effecting the brightness & contrast so it stands out. There are all kinds of effects you can do to make your picture perfect.

Of course the best thing is to try your best to take the perfect photo in the first place to avoid having to alter the picture afterwards. The good thing about digital photos is you can take lots of pictures of the same thing then select the best photo without wasting film and money.

Anyway back to the point of this blog. What annoys me is when professional photographs have been altered to such an extent that it doesn't even look real, it's almost like there is more drawing than photo.

Here's a picture to prove what I mean. It's a photo of Jill de Jong, Nell McAndrew, Karima Adebibe, Lara Weller and Lucy Clarkson. Whoever edited the photo has spent so much time on the reflections in their shiny clothing they've forgotten about their faces, they are hidden in a soft focus blur.

Addendum (7th January '14):
Recently I came across this photo of Kelly Brooke. She is more cartoon than person. Even the water she's standing in is fake.

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