7th February '13 - A Chatter Named Lis.

I chat on the internet quite often using chat rooms getting to know quite a lot of people and making friends with them. Obviously I have no real idea who they are and often people change nickname, or have a selection of names, or pretend to be of the opposite sex, etc, but it's never bothered me.

I have found it odd that in the particular chat room that I use all the moderators are female yet about 90% of the chatters are male. It's obvious that people lie about their sex often.

Anyway back to my point. There's a particular chatter named Lis who I always stear clear of because I can't stand her. She's one of those chatters that swears every other word, is constantly offensive and changes nickname on a regular basis. The worse thing about her is that instead of being ignored and referred to as a troll she seems popular which makes no sense to me. I suspect it's because of her thong avatar that people are willing to put up with her.

Today she was talking about how she was ill and wasn't able to celebrate Christmas, and that now that she's better she had spent the day buying Christmas presents for her loved ones and had been busy wrapping them up.

I don't know why but I found that kind of sad and my heart went out to her. She still swears every other word but I see her in a totally different light now. Although it wouldn't surprise me if it was a total lie.

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