7th December '15 - I Like Vampires.

There is something about the undying popularity of vampires that intrigues me. I'm still not fully sure why I like vampires, it's not as though I like other forms of horror, it just tends to be specifically vampires that draws my attention. Within popular culture, in terms of books and movies, vampires are often featured whereas monsters such as werewolves aren't anywhere near as popular.

Vampires are unique when it comes to horror monsters in that they look human, they're intelligent and can be spoken to yet they are still monsters who want nothing more than to sink their fangs into your neck.

The mythology varies a lot too. Some have wings and can fly, some have normal teeth that only turn into fangs when needed, some are immortal due to their consumption of blood, some only bite virgins, some are burned by holy water, some are burned by any kind of water, etc, etc. I think it's this variation gives more flexibility for writers to create vampire fiction. I've even seen some stories that add to the mythology essentially making vampire traits up. One of my favourite vampire books has a vampire turning into a moth rather than a bat for instance.

There's no denying a sensual side to vampires too. The thought of a female vampire who's both sexually alluring and lethal is attractive to a lot of people. There are also homoerotic vampire stories by Anne Rice, and teen romance vampire stories by Stephenie Meyer. (On a personal note I've met Stephenie Meyer at a movie convention but at the time I didn't know who she was so missed out on getting her autograph.)

If you're attacked by a monster, ghost, zombie or werewolf there's nothing you can do about it and you're a gonna. Whereas if you're attacked by a vampire you can at least make an attempt to reason with them, you'll likely fail and get bitten anyway but at least you tried.

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