4th August '17 - The London Film & Comic Con 2017.

Last Sunday I attended the London Film & Comic Con with my brother. I was cosplaying as Lara Croft and he was dressed as The Bride from Kill Bill. We were very late on account that there was a cycling event taking place in London at the same time causing a lot of bridge closures. It would have been good to have had more time as it's such a large event. The cake stall had already run out when we arrived at 2.30 or so in the afternoon.

At a previous event we both cosplayed as Star Trek characters and were very popular with people stopping and asking to have a photo taken with us, but that paled into insignificance compared to this time. It seems guys dressed as female characters are hugely popular and we were constantly asked for posed photos and selfies. Sarah Douglas (from Superman 2) even wolf whistled us.

I didn't take many photos myself because we were hurrying to see as much as possible and we also wanted to buy a lot of stuff. I wanted to get some anime DVDs but there didn't appear to be a specific stall that sold any. I did manage to get a lot of Japanese sweet though with was nice.

We met an author named Laura Morgan and had a chat about her books and I mentioned I was also a keen author. She left a message in the book I purchased along with her autograph saying 'good luck with your stories.' The book I bought is called Embracing The Darkness. I'm a fast reader but alas I have yet to begin reading it as I'm still partially through another book.

I also bought an art book about fairies and a metal poster of a fairy. A lot of modern depictions of fairies tend to be goth women with wings but the art book varies greatly in its content. I also had it signed by both the artists whose pictures it depicts.

My brother bought a Elsa (from Frozen) children's dress which was a bargain for 5. In fact there were a lot of similar dresses on that stall for a similar price. Often prices at conventions are expensive (25 for a Hello Kitty mug, 30 for a hentai comic for example), yet unusually that stall was full of bargains. He was even given a free Spiderman pencil set.

Neither of us got any celebrity autographs this year. I was intending to get Tia Carrere's but she cancelled a few weeks before the event. We were also keeping our spending to a minimum.

I'm not sure what we'll cosplay as next time. I may go as Lara again but I'm not sure.

I cosplayed as Lara Croft.

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