6th August '16 - London Film & Comic Con July 2016. (Sunday).

Recently I attended The London film & Comic Con. It took place over three days and I went on the last day, a Sunday, with my brother. Neither of us went in cosplay this time, but he wore a Spiderman shirt and I wore an Overwatch t-shirt and Tracer Jacket. Surprisingly the event didn't appear as busy as it usually is but this may be due to us arriving in the afternoon.

We met lots of celebrities and my brother got Rex Smith's autograph, the actor from the 80's TV series Street Hawk, who surprisingly hasn't aged that much. He's neither fat nor bald. There were long queues for a lot of the celebrities so I never got to see Paul McGann from Dr Who. I did see him but only from a distance. We were also going to meet Roberta Tovey from Dr Who but while we found her booth she didn't appear to be around, yet all her autograph photos were laid out. I met a writer named Chantelle Roberts and bought her latest book which she autographed for me.

I also bought some Overwatch posters, a picture of a goth style fairy, a huge Mirror's Edge art book and some Japanese Kit-Kats containing green tea. My brother bought an old-skool style bag that contained a map of The Game of Thrones on the front. There was a booth that contained movie weapons such as Conan's sword which was surprisingly cheap at 90 but neither of us bought it. I'm sure we missed a lot of stuff too because it's a huge venue that contains a lot of adjoining halls and it's very east to look around for hours and still miss something.

A Tracer cosplayer.

A zombie. (There were more zombies too).

The Batmobile.

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