20th July '15 - The London Film And Comic Con 2015.

This year's London Film And Comic Con was fairly unusual in that it took place at Olympia rather than its usual venue of Earl's Court. I had been to Olympia before so I knew what the venue looked like and how it had a partial glass roof letting in natural light giving a feeling that you're outside rather than in a very large hall. But it was far different to what I expected due to other areas of the venue opened up. The show took place on multiple floors and everything was intermixed meaning that even if you only intended to get one particular autograph you'd still have to spend time searching each of the four floors.

It was also packed, very packed in fact, with people touching each other whilst walking. I must have had my heel stepped upon at least three times with my shoe practically coming off at one moment. I also accidentally touched a woman's bare leg when she leant against the back of my hand when I held open the doors to the stairwell. She never noticed, not realising it was my hand she was leaning against. On a plus side, even though it was packed there was no large queue to get in, It was pretty much show your ticket as you enter with just a brief moment for someone to scan the ticket's bar code.

It was a wonderful show with lots and lots to see and do, and we never had enough time in a single day to see everything. We went on the Sunday but the event lasted three days in total. I imagine some people spent all three days at the show and still never had time to experience everything it had to offer.

One of the main highlights was an event the Syfy channel was organising. They had a circular row of cameras filming a Matrix style slow motion effect. A cosplayer would stand in the middle and be asked to do various poses then a film of them would be created with them doing the moves in a slow motion rotating camera effect. There was a woman dressed as an alien who was very popular. I was tempted to have a go because I was also wearing cosplay, but the line for that particular event was long and with it taking about ten minutes per person I didn't want to wait.

There was also a Mr Spock cosplayer who not only looked like Leonard Nimoy but sounded like him too. He was charging for photos with the money going to charity. I regretted not cosplaying as Captain Picard when I saw him.

Incidentally I actually spent a lot less this year than I normally do. This was because of the large crowds. It's difficult to have a good look on a comic stall while a vast group of people all around are doing the same thing.

Live long and prosper.

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