1st August ' 15 - Blood: The Last Vampire.

If you've never seen an anime before then I suggest this as your first introduction into the genre. Even if you have no particular fondness for vampire movies this is still one of the best animes ever made. Don't bother with the sequels, don't bother with the live action movie, watch this and understand what true anime is.

The basic premise of the story is essentially a vampire hunter, named Saya, who can sense when a vampire is hiding within human form and hunts them down killing them in a bloody frenzy. She doesn't work alone but the rest of her team are human. Vampires then hide themselves within an American air base and she has to don a disguise of a schoolgirl to hunt them down.

It may seem a blatant rip-off of Buffy The Vampire Slayer combined with Blade but there is one aspect that makes this movie unique that I've never seen in any other anime. It's bilingual meaning the main character speaks Japanese to other Japanese characters then speaks English to her friends including the people on the American air base. It's seamless the way it's done and it's wonderful to hear a character speaking Japanese with a strong Japanese accent then turn and speak English to another character. Saya is voiced by a Japanese voice actress named Youki Kudoh who does an amazing job at playing such a serious and moody character. The sequels of this movie and the live action movie aren't done in that way.

While technically it's a movie rather than an episode of a series, it is very short, not much more than half an hour, while the making-of movie is substantially longer. Incidentally the VHS version also contains the making-of movie.

The visuals are a mixture of computer animated backgrounds mixed with traditional anime giving a moody feel to the movie and a sense of peril to the dangers around. In many ways the visuals remind me of Ghost In The Shell. The music is atmospheric too.

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