22nd September '15 - The Last Sect.

This is what I can only describe as a unusual take on the horror film genre in that it's a mix of so many different styles blended together into one movie. You'll probably love it or hate it, or quite possibly love parts of it while hating other parts.

It begins with a standard cliché that a lot of horror movies follow. An all female sect of vampires seek others into their fold, wishing to turn other women into vampires, which involves a sex act of some sort. The boyfriends are also involved but they never survive the multiple bites of the vampire women. He thinks he's there for sex but he's their dinner. There's lots of sexy outfits and lingerie but no more than a glimpse of nudity, just enough to tease people who want to see more.

There's also another story running alongside the main plot. In this David Carradine stars as Van Helsing who sits casually drinking tea with another man discussing the myth of vampires and how superstition and reality became meshed together. It's very interesting to watch and is a breather from the violence of a man being eaten alive by sexy vampires. It's educational too as a lot of it appears factual.

Then another character arrives named Karpov and they decided to pay a visit to the sect with the intention of wiping them out. There are some brilliant fighting scenes which I won't mention as to avoid spoilers but Karpov can kill vampires in a very calm and casual manner.

This is one of those rare movies that's more horror than gore and some of it gets very exciting towards the end. A must for vampire fans. The picture below is of Julian Richings who plays Karpov.

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