27th May '17 - Lara Croft Crossplay.

In July I'll be attending the London Film & Comic Convention. It's a place where people dress up, meet celebrities, buy loads of comics and do all kinds of nerdy stuff. It's lots of fun and it's good to meet other people with similar interests. It usually takes place twice a year but sometimes just once. The London Film & Comic Con is pretty much the best of its kind. There are other conventions around the country but they tend to be far more packed with huge crowds whereas the London conventions tend to take place at larger venues. Having said that though it's still the kind of event that's difficult to get through in just once day so people often attend on all three days.

I always dress in cosplay. In fact if you're a shy person it's far easier to dress up in something outrageous as it's less conspicuous that wearing normal attire. Most people are in costume after all. There are often Star Wars Stormtroops walking around as well as Darth Vader, Batman, Spiderman and all kinds of anime cosplayers attending.
My default cosplay, if I can't think of what to wear, is to shave my head bald and dress as Captain Picard from Star Trek. I've also gone as Data from Star Trek, The Laughing Man from Ghost In The Shell, Tracer from Overwatch and Faith from the game Mirror's Edge.
This year however I'm being sponsored, in other words dared, to dress is Lara Croft. The money raised will go to MIND. I've always wanted to go as Lara but her outfit is far more complicated than anything I've worn before. When I cosplayed as Faith it was essentially cargo pants, black vest and a cheap wig. Tracer from Overwatch was essentially a jacket. Captain Picard was far the easiest in terms of the costume itself.
But this outfit is far more complicated. I'll be going as the traditional Lara with light blue vest, brown shorts, boots, gun holsters with guns, a backpack, red lens sunglasses, a wig and a backpack. Technically the vest should be a leotard but no one will notice if I use a vest and it'll be more comfortable. There's also breasts and a bra to deal with.

I've been looking online at other Lara Croft crossplayers and many are male equivalents looking somewhat like Nathan Drake in stead of Lara. There's a crossplayer in particular who goes by the name EmperorMossy on Deviant Art. His crossplay is brilliant. The link is here. He even wears makeup which I certainly am not able to do.

So far I have a brilliant Lara Croft wig, a blue vest and the gun holsters with 'blue' guns. I've still got a lot more to buy before I can put the outfit together.

The traditional Lara outfit.

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