26th August '15 - Hello Kitty Outfit (MCM Expo 2014).

One of my happiest Hello Kitty moments was when I attended the MCM Expo convention in London in October 2014. I usually wear a costume of some sort or dress as Captain Picard from Star Trek, but instead I wore a Hello Kitty shirt and hat while carrying a Hello Kitty bag.

Often when I dress in costume some people ask for my photo, especially when I dress as Captain Picard, but I didn't expect anyone to do so this time as I wasn't really in a costume. However while wandering around, looking at what to buy, some women who ran one of the stalls hurried over to me and one of them wanted her photo taken with me. She said she loved Hello Kitty. One of the women took our photo on her phone then thanked me.

I don't possess that particular photo, it would be good to see how it turned out. Here's a picture of me with Emily Booth taken at the same convention.

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