14th November '10 - Woman Crushes Kitten Online.

First of all I'm NOT posting the vid or any photos on this blog. There is no way I would want anyone to see anything like that which is what happend to me. This blog entry is just my thoughts about it, but even this blog entry is graphic in its description so don't read if you feel you'll be shocked and upset.

This is quite a long winded blog entry too so I hope I explain it properly and in the correct order.

On the internet there are a lot of silly vids and photos that are done purely for publicity and are normally fake or gross just to annoy people and get a reaction. For example there's the famous "2 Girls 1 Cup" vid that is about a woman pooping into another woman's ice cream and she eats it. You're supposed to film the reaction of a person viewing it and upload it online. There are a lot of copycat vids of the "2 Girls 1 Cup" but the original is fake and it's not real poop that she's eating. Even if the others are real it's not hurting anyone and is just gross.

There's also another one about someone harpooning a skark in its dorsal fin then water skiing with the shark pulling him along. That's fake too considering none of the surrounding swimmers are afraid that there's a shark swimming next to them.

I'm not against the idea of spoof and fake vids, they are just a joke and a bit of fun.

Some years ago I heard about a woman who crushed a kitten to death just for the fun of it and uploaded it into the internet. I asumed it was just another fake or urban myth and had no interest in finding out any more about it.

A few days ago I was looking at YouTube and there were reaction vids to the kitten crushing vid. People were either screaming their head off wanting to kill the woman who done it or in some cases people were crying after having seen the vid. Now of course there's no way the vid itself is on YouTube it would be removed right away so they were reacting to something I myself hadn't seen, but I still asumed it was a fake spoof.

I searched Google and found a website where people were discussing it. Similar to the reactions on YouTube people were outraged and the website itself printed the woman's name and photo urging people to hunt her down and kill her. She lives in China so it's not likely unless someone in China is outraged too.

The website didn't have the vid explaining that it was unwatchable to watch without crying or screaming your head off because it also has sound and you can hear the kitten cry and its bones break. But they showed screenshots from the vid and there is no way that it's fake. It's completely genuine.

I could scream my head off and post messages online about how I want to rip her throat out with my teeth but that would be nothing compared with what a lot of other people want to do to her. I've found myself completely distracted in my thoughts and trying to get those images out of my mind. I didn't even look at them properly because I still was thinking it was fake and looked at the last picture first to see if it was a stuffed toy. I've been forcing my own brain to try to erase them from my mind but it doesn't work.

The pictures were of a Chinese woman holding the kitten and hugging it. There were outside in a public place but there were no other people about apart from the person filming it. From the camera angle it looks as though she didn't film it alone. She's wearing long high heels. She then steps on the kitten and her heel clearly enters its body. Then she steps on it so her heel enters its mouth and it's clearly still alive. Then again so the heel goes though its eye and head. In the last picture the kitten's head is completely crushed flat with its insides coming out.

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