20th December 2017 - Slow Internet Ads.

Over the years of having the internet, from the days of dial-up to super fast broadband, I've noticed a feature that's getting slower and slower, in some cases grinding websites to a halt. I'm talking about advertisements.

If you're someone who regularly uses internet porn sites, with the multitude of advertisements they contain, then you probably will have no idea what I'm talking about. Those websites load in a fraction of a second with no lag caused by advertising whatsoever. Porn makes a lot of money so the industry don't dare use slow ad servers. They want their customers to click and buy something.

I'm talking about the more mainstream websites, such as Microsoft's homepage, MSN, advertisements on ebay, every newspaper site, and so on. It doesn't matter what browser you use these sites simply freeze until the multitude of ads appear. Some sites literally don't work because of it. I don't believe Microsoft are so incompetent that they don't bother to test their own site. I believe they get their money for placing the ad then just don't give another thought. They simply don't care. Newspaper sites are the same. They are scamming the advertisers.

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