12th September '07 - Similar Stories.

Some of you may already know that I wrote a novel last year called bee. It was a story about a woman trapped in a virtual world on the internet and led to a dramatic twist at the end of the story. The book was loosely based upon an interactive story/ game that I made a year before.

The idea isn't original, it's been done before with Tron and The Matrix but it's a more down to Earth type of story with non-heroic normal characters. There are some funny bits in it too with the main character, Nozomi, being extremely sensitive and self-concious being forced to mix with people she wouldn't normally be friends with.

Recently I was reading the graphic novel of Ghost in the Shell 2. Not the novel of the film but the second series of comics. I always buy comics as graphic novels because it saves my buying lots of comics seperately. There is one part of the story where the main character, Motoko, is trapped inside a vitual computer game. She has a transmitter inside her mouth and it's hidden inside a robotic bee. She opens her mouth and it flys off for help. It reminded me so much of my own novel that I was thinking that people could think I ripped my story off from this. Well I didn't, it's just a coincidence. My story bee is influenced by manga comics, that's why I had a Japanese main character, but I didn't steal the story. In fact I'd love to make it into a comic one day, when I get better at drawing. :)

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