2nd January '14 - Hello Kitty Magazine.

I bought a Hello Kitty comic for the first time and it's a very odd experience to read through. When I say comic technically speaking it's not a comic at all because there are no stories inside, it's more of a magazine, but I didn't know that when I bought it.

It is brilliant value for money by the way, and packed with a lot of stuff, and the one I got has a free necklace on the cover.

What's confusing about it though is at first sight it's clearly aimed at children, i.e. little girls. It's full of puzzles, stickers, colouring in, single page posters, and a whole host of childish things. But why are the advertisments for adults? There's an ad for adopting wild animals, an ad for a dolphin charity and an ad for Sky Movies containing a picture from the movie Skyfall, clearly not anything that a child would even be able to respond to.

I've a suspicion the magazine is not aimed at children at all which is why the free child's necklace on the cover fitted my adult neck with no problem. Maybe full grown adult women purchase the magazine to relive their childhood and spend their time engaging in innocent fantasy, in a similar vain to those adults who read the Harry Potter books. It's all pathetic really.

Incidently I may have to subscribe to the Hello Kitty magazine as to avoid the problem of it being sold out in the shops.

A girly magazine with advertisements aimed at grown ups.

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