14th April '16 - Fairytale (The Haunting of Helena).

Before I begin this little review I just like to point out that this movie is also known by the title The Haunting Of Helena which to be honest is a much better title as there are so many other movies known as Fairytale. I didn't realise this until I was trying to look up a list of the cast and realised time and time again I was looking at the wrong movie.

Anyway back to the point. I rented this movie as a download through the PlayStation Store but it's also available on DVD and Blu-ray as well as 3D Blu-ray.

The story is about a woman named Sophia and her daughter named Helena, There is a father too but he's away on an expedition so isn't around for most of the movie. Sophia and Helena move into a new apartment and are surprised to find a large closet that they decide to keep. Helena has a loose tooth which falls out in a very unexpected way which I won't mention as to avoid spoilers. She then becomes obsessed with teeth even to the extent of pulling out more. Helena explains that the tooth fairy wants more teeth and it soon becomes apparent that there is a ghost living within the closet.

While doing research Sophia discovers stories about children being eaten by wolves along with the story about a man who tortured his wife in the very apartment in which they live. She soon realises what the ghost wants and tries to help in order for the ghost to rest in peace.

There is some gore within the movie but it's pretty tame compared to other modern horror movies. A lot of injuries and blood are clearly special effects. Even the torture scene was done as a flashback with just snippets of horror violence. However I don't mention this as a negative but rather a plus because the true horror of this movie are the events taking place more so than gore. While the ghost itself is essentially a woman in a dress the entire sequence when she's revealed is terrifying due to Sophie and Helena's reactions to it. This is proper horror reminding me of movies of the 70s long before they were ruined by blood and gore.

The story drifts a little towards the end with a mental asylum being introduced to the plot and Sophia attempting to help the ghost find what it wants. There's then a huge plot twist which I won't mention as to avoid spoilers.

Bad special effects yet brilliant movie.

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