8th September '14 - Wrong Google Plus.

I was displaying the wrong Google+ link on my website and it's been like that for quite some time before I noticed. I've fixed it now. The reason why I have two is because I signed up to Youtube years ago long before Google had anything to do with it, then when Google purchased Youtube they decided to merge their accounts together with one name and password. I can certainly see how it's convenient for new users but for people who already had separate Youtube and GMail accounts like I did this meant I ended up with two Youtube accounts and therefore two Google+ accounts.

It gets more complicated because my old Youtube account before that change over is the one containing all my vids and the new account is the one I never use apart from the occasional comment. Also all my blogs are redirected to my new Google+ rather than my old one. It's just a matter of keeping track of which version of myself I want linked on my website even though both accounts use my real name.

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