5th July '11 - Google Has Gone Downhill.

Some time ago Microsoft released a new search engine called Bing. It's similar to their old search in that it's not very good. However one thing that was unique about it was the way in which it searched images. When you search specifially for pictures you can scroll the page through hundreds of pictures without bothering to view the webpage they're attached to. It completely sucks. Aside from the fact that you're viewing pictures out of context and could find a picture of something distressing and avoid the warning page on the website it was attached to, aside from that it's as slow as crud and slows your entire computer down. Well for a reason no one could fathom Google copied the idea and now searching for images on Google is pretty much a big pain in the arse.

Lots of people complained about Google Images but they are a big company and just like all big companies don't give a flying fig about anyone's opinion.

To be honest, it never bothered me that much, because I rarely used Google Images anyway. What has annoyed me though is the rest of Google has gotten worse.

Here's an example. I wanted to search for "Silvia Finlay". She was a model in the 1990s and I wondered what happend to her. She is in no way famous so obviously I got zillions of resuslts in the search of other Silvia Finlays. So I searched for "Silvia Finlay Model" and "Silvia Finlay Glamour Model". But Google is incapable of searching within context anymore, the results were as if I searched for every word in the text seperately. So models who were not named Silvia Finlay were displayed as well as a zillion zillion porn sites because I typed in "Glamour".

I'm sure Google wasn't like that before, that was its main feature.

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