14th July '17 - Why I Don't Use Goodreads.

Generally speaking I use my own website to promote my books along with Facebook and Twitter but I have looked at Goodreads in the past but felt it wasn't for me. There are two ways to sign up, you can use it to read and review books or you can sign up as an author to specifically promote your own work. I didn't really like it due to the fact that there's no requirement to purchase a book before leaving a review. They also group books together by author name meaning that my books will be in a list along with every other author named Raymond Johnson. Just a quick Google search will reveal at least seven authors of that name. It's never really bothered me as Amazon Kindle's listings don't work that way and know the difference between one author and another of the same name.

I've used Lulu Forums to discuss book issues in the past, especially when I was starting out, and I found them to be invaluable with kind, friendly people giving advice. I've also used Amazon Kindle Forums but found a lot more spiteful comments among the good. It just seems to be the way that an unmoderated forum attracts more trolls. I'm unaware if Goodreads is moderated or not but from what I gather it seems it's not.

There's been some controversy recently and Twitter arguments about two authors who share the same name, with one accusing the other of plagiarism, while those in defence accusing the other of homophobia.

I'm lucky to avoid this kind of nonsense with my own books but I do wonder if other authors named Raymond Johnson often get annoyed with me. Maybe similar things have happened that I've been totally oblivious of. Sometimes I do get very odd reviews of my books. The strangest was a review that said "This reads more like a horror than a romance" when the book was about sailors being attacked by mermaids and sirens. Why they thought it was intended to be romantic is lost on me.

Anyway back to my point. If you do find authors named Raymond Johnson on Goodreads it's not me for I never use it. they may even have my books listed among their titles but it's simply down to the way Goodreads works. They are not stealing my books or my reputation. If you purchase a book within Goodreads it will still link to the correct author in the Kindle website.

Take Goodreads reviews with a pinch of salt.

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