7th August '10 - Ah! My Goddess.

I normally love watching anime but this one was so sad and the main character horrible. The main upsetting thing about it is that it's supposed to be nice but has the wrong moral to it in my opinion. *cries*

I've read a lot of the Ah! My Goddess comics also known as Oh My Goddess and the transfer from comic to anime doesn't seem to have worked properly. Basically the comics are comedy that make fun of other comics with a lot of goody-goody girly plots, but the anime is the other way round. It's a goody-goody girly story with comedy added in but the focus of the comedy is pointing the wrong way! The comics are a spoof of sissy girly comics but the anime writers don't appear to have realised.

Basically the plot of the anime is about a teen boy named Keiichi who's lonely and can't find a girlfriend. He makes a phone call but dials the goddess hotline by mistake and tells her all about his situation. A goddess named Belldandy comes to Earth and becomes his girlfriend. Balldandy's two sisters accompany her and are the main focus of the comedy in the story. There's another character named Sayoko that is rich and beautiful, she can have any man she wants, but she only wants Keiichi because she's jealous of him and Belldandy.

In the comic books Keiichi is surprised and shocked by Belldandy's existence and is uncomfortable with her affections for him. He only wants her as a friend but she sees him as her boyfriend. Also the character Sayoko is so over the top trying to get Keiichi to love her that it's pure comedy to see the things she does do gain his effections.

What really annoyed me most of all about the anime was the scene where Sayoko tries to knit Keiichi a jumper as a gift but she's having lots of problems with it so she buys him a cashmere sweater instead. She explains to him all about the difficulty she had trying to knit him one. He then refuses the gift and tells her it's a meaningless gesture because she had failed to knit it herself. Later when she meets Belldandy she tells her that she hates her, then Belldandy explains that she is really a goddess and is doing her duty to Keiichi. Sayoko then thinks she is being sarcastic. - It's a horrible scene it implies that Belldandy is essentailly a prostitute and only loves Keiichi out of duty, and that Sayoko is less important because she tries and fails.

The irony was that the next episode was about Keiichi purchasing an expensive ring for Belldandy as a gift and she loves it, but surely that was a mere object that he purchased not something he made himself.

The moral of Ah! My Goddess is that true love is less important than a deal you made with a prostitute!

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