10th March '10 - Ghost In The Shell 2nd Gig Vol. 7.

I bought an anime DVD recently called Ghost in the Shell 2nd Gig (Vol. 7). Ebay allows people to write reviews so this is what I wrote:

This DVD is the last volume of the 2nd Gig series and contains episodes 24 to 26 called Nuclear Power, This Side of Justice and Endless Gig. It comes on two discs with English and Japanese audio, with subtitles, as well as interviews with the Director and the Japanese voice actors that play Gohda and Kuze. The second disc contains DTS sound and won't work unless you have DTS sound on your TV, if you try to watch it on a normal TV you will get no sound.
Unlike in previous episodes the story in these last few episodes all follow on from each other leading to a climatic ending where Japan is on the brink of a nuclear attack, the prime minister is removed from power and there is chaos. Motoko and Kuze get trapped together and he explains all his plans to her and a way to save all the people that are about to get killed in the atomic blast. Motoko then begins to suspect his true identity.
This is a must DVD if you have the rest of the collection and there's a lot of insight into the personality of Motoko while she is trapped with Kuze. There's also a sequence with the Tachikomas where they do something beyond their programming in order to save everyone. I won't rate it as being the best of all the volumes but it's definitly a must have as it wraps up all the loose ends in the story.

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