25th June '15 - Ghost In The Shell Review.

The original movie was one of the very first animes I had ever seen and it completely blew me away. Even now all these years later it still excites me to watch. The movie ties in with the story in the comics but adds an extra depth of realism without going overboard on robots. This is one of those rare animes that stands the test of time and will still be popular in many years to come.

The first time you watch it you may be confused as to what is going on as the story is complicated with political cover-ups and other police organisations trying to hide the truth. But it doesn't matter if you don't fully understand it at first because you'll watch it again and again just to watch the stunning visuals made up of hand drawn anime and computer drawn backgrounds mixed together.

The music is hypnotic and there's a long sequence where nothing is being said as you watch Motoko in deep thought with the music conveying her feelings. Even the action sequences have the music responding to Motoko's inner feelings rather than the action taking place.

Motoko's looks physically different than she does in the comics with a different hair style and eye colour but her personality is spot on being sexy, tough, and highly intelligent yet still venerable with inner sadness.

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