3rd November '15 - Terminator Genisys.

This is my review of Terminator Genisys that I purchased recently. I didn't get it on DVD or Blu-ray, I watched it through the PlayStation store on the PS4 so was able to get it a little earlier before it was in the shops. Incidentally it wouldn't let me rent and I had to buy to keep which cost 14 so it's not that much of a saving.

It was okay, an exciting movie, especially at the beginning but I found after it finished that it didn't really stick in my mind the way other Terminator movies did and I feel no urge to watch it a second time around. If I did purchase the DVD version I'd likely be selling it now on ebay. I didn't hate it but I didn't love it either.

The story is full of plot holes, but to be honest I can overlook those, as some of my fave movies are full of mistakes, but the over all feel to the film wasn't what a Terminator movie should be. There was no tension, no sense of foreboding as to what would happen to the characters, no sense of peril for the human race if they fail. In fact the confusing story meant that even if they did fail I wasn't sure what the consequences would be.

Emily Clarke who played Sarah Connor was fantastic. I knew her from Games Of Thrones and her entire look and personality is totally different in this movie showing how good of an actress she is. As to whether she played a convincing Sarah Connor is another matter as she looks nothing like Linda Hamilton from the original Terminator movies. In fact a lot of the cast look nothing like their previous incarnations.

Matt Smith was also amazing. I won't say who he plays as to avoid spoilers but while he wasn't in a lead role it was a complete surprise to see him playing such a character.

Arnold Schwarzenegger was as expected and plays the Terminator similar to how he was in Terminator 2 it was just the script that let his performance down. Some of his prosthetic makeup effects appeared below par too.

Most the the exciting scenes were at the start when we see a battle taking place in the future then Skynet sending the Terminator back in time. It's then constant action as a number of Terminators also exist in the same time period along with Sarah Conner and Kyle Reese as they fight against the machines. Then it ends pretty quickly and nothing much else happens until the final battle. There's a helicopter chase that was ruined by bad CGI with helicopters performing manoeuvres impossible in real life. There was also a bus chase which may have been exciting if it didn't end so quickly.

The biggest let down was that pretty much every exciting moment was already revealed in the multitude of trailers for this movie. I don't know why they couldn't keep anything back. The only surprise I felt was what happened to the Terminator toward the end of the movie when he... I won't say.

In summary all I can say is that this isn't a bad movie, it doesn't totally suck, it's perfectly watchable, but it's certainly not as good as it should have been.

If you've seen the trailers you've seen the film.

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