21st August '11 - Video Game Stats.

I've got a game called Blade Kitten on the Xbox 360. It's one of those games that keeps track of items you've picked up each time you play it so it has a lot of replayability. I've completed it twice and am playing through it again.

What annoys me though is I looked up my score on the leaderboards then looked up the highest score. The person with the highest score is named 'J Pope420' with a score of 999999999. That score isn't possible!

What is the point of having gaming stats when people are going to cheat anyway?!!!!

Incidently Microsoft doesn't allow the number 420 in gamertags due to the drug reference meaning, so he'll be forced to change name soon.

J Pope420 probably feels good about his high score but he's a big cheat!

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