8th December '08 - A Fuss About Alison Carroll.

Firstly I would just like to say that I have no grudge against Alison Carroll, I have no ill feelings towards her and think she's a great Lara model. It's good to have a gymnast playing the roll of Lara and being physically capable of doing the same moves as Lara.

What I object to is the way she's been photographed with her dressed as Lara doing high kicks without any underwear on and the camera showing her crouch. I know not much is seen and they are more of a tease than actual pornography, but it's out of place for an official Lara Croft model to be photographed in that way.

I've seen plenty of amature Lara models posing on the internet with next to nothing on, there are even porn stars that have dressed as Lara, but they are not officially representing Lara Croft so they're not actually causing any harm to her reputation.

In the new Tomb Raider game Lara does have some outfits that show off her cleavage, and her wetsuit is very revealing but it's still within the context of the game. There is no outfit that would reveal what's underneath her shorts if your turned the camera angle in that direction.

I know I've seemed to have made a big fuss on this, I'm not a prude, I've seen 1000 times worse pictures on the internet, but I'm worried about the context of the pictures in relation to the game. Eidos may have attracted lots of new male players but only at the expense of Lara's reputation.

If you search for Alison Carroll on Youtube and read the comments that people make on vids that she appears in, then you'll know what I mean about Lara's reputation going down the gutter.

I'm showing some of the pics that I'm talking about on this blog entry to show you what I mean, remember that these are official photos of her, not just a sneaky shot taken as a game's show but proper posed photos. Click here if you wish to view them.

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