12th February '16 - Friendchip Day.

There's been lots of buzz on Twitter today about Friendship Day. As Hello Kitty says, you can't have too many friends. There is some debate as to when Friendship Day actually is, but it's not really important so long as people are having fun with friends then the actual date doesn't really matter.

I was thinking about this. I've got masses of online friends, most of which I don't know in person, who I'd likely not recognise if I passed them in the street. I only have to enter my regular chat room and people say hi to me before I've even selected my avatar. I've also got Twitter friends, and other friends I've met through online forums including Brony friends yet I'm not really into that. Facebook on the other hand is a little different, I only have people I know personally on that unless it's part of a separate group I'm following.

I don't really have that many friends in real life. I have some very close friends, and people I know who are more colleagues than friends, but nowhere near the amount of people I know online. In fact some of my real friends started out as online friends. To be honest it doesn't really matter how many friends you have, so long as you're not alone.

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