17th January '08 - Feeling A Little Freaked out.

I just had a strange experience that has made me a little bit freaked out and scared. I had a lot of things to do but I was tired so I went to bed early even though I wanted to stay up and do things.

While I was in bed I had a lot of dreams and one of them was a dream about a tree growing through my bed and a very strong smell of smoke, the bed in my dream was the same bed that I used to sleep in at my old house not the bedroom I sleep in now.

I woke up at 2.40 am and still had the image of the tree in my mind but there was no smell of smoke. I ignored it and closed my eyes to go back to sleep again but suddenly my smoke alarm started ringing. I don't remember how many times it beeped, it was either three or six but then it suddenly stopped. I jumped out of bed and searched the house but there was nothing on fire and no smell of smoke.

Maybe the dream was just a coincidence but my smoke alarm has never gone off for no reason before, apart from when I burn the dinner, there was no reason for it to beep. It is the type that runs directly from the mains too so it wasn't the battery running low.

I even looked out of the front door in case there was a nearby fire or smell of smoke outside but there wasn't. Now I'm starting to think I imagined the smoke alarm too but I'm sure I didn't. :(

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