12th July '11 - London Film & Comic Con.

This show was better than it has been in previous years but that may be partly because I didn't go alone this time. I went with my brother.

We didn't go in costume, instead I wore a goth/pirate type shirt and he wore a Forbidden Planet t-shirt. I also shaved my head bald so I was sort of in costume but not any character in particular.

We met Data from Star Trek, Brent Spiner; anime voice actress, Mila Lee; and a woman from the Conan movie Sandahl Bergman who doesn't seem to have aged a day.

The 1960's Batmobile was there along with The Monkees' car. There was also the Back To The Future Delorean and people could have their photo taken sitting inside it, but the photographer was very slow and taking his time with each person. It meant that the fairly short queue was talking a very long time. I'm not sure if any of the cars were original or mock-ups.

There were a lot of people in costume as well as a cosplay masquerade. You had to make your own costume to be eligable to win a prize but you could still enter if you bought a costume ready made. There were two women in costume posing together on stage and when they finished, just before they walked off, one of them kissed the other on the cheek. There was also another woman posing and her music ended and she was wandering what to do next, the host was busy with something else and the cosplayer didn't know where to get off stage. I also liked when they were announcing the winners and the woman who came in third was shocked that she was one of the winners and had to quickly put her mask back on before getting back on stage. She was suddenly nervious and shaking but she wasn't before when she was posing. There was also a man dressed in an expensive Batman costume and his very young daughter dressed as Jester, they acted out a fight on stage and she knocked him down and stood with one foot on his chest. The audience were cheering.

Also watching the cosplay was comedian Andy Hamilton. I didn't take his photo because he wasn't there as a guest. I wonder how many other celebrities attend events such at that, I also wonder if any go in costume. It would be funny if a famous celebrity walked around dressed as Spiderman and no one would know his identity.

I bought a Rei Ayanami wallscroll poster, lots of Japanese sweets, post cards, comics and a Star Trek USB memory stick. Incidentally the memory stick had the Star Trek movie recorded on it which I didn't know at the time.

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