8th January '10 - Women's Winter Fashion.

It's freezing cold today with a temperature of -4 degrees C and there's snow on the ground. Britain's not very good at coping with cold snaps because they don't happen often enough for local councils to prepare for it. Trains stop running, planes are grounded, schools close and people slip over on the ice. There's also a debate the government have every year about cold weather payments for pensioners so they can pay their heating bills, but the payment depends on how long the cold snap lasts and old people find that they can't pay for their heating because for one day during the week it was above zero degrees.

Back to my point of this blog. I was out today in the freezing cold doing some food shopping and I saw a woman wearing a thick coat with a scarf and hat. Sensible clothing you may think but the coat was tiny small revealing her bare tummy and belly button, she wore the scarf on the outside of the coat in such a way that it made no difference wearing it. I can't understand why she dressed that way, her fashion sense was more important to her than keeping warm.

Here's an example of the type of clothing she was wearing.

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