11th June '12 - Arrogant evolutionists.

I've argued this many times on Youtube, Blogspot and forums so I thought I'd summarise my argument here.

The theory of evolution wasn't something I questioned before because the alternative theory is total nonsense, but after witnessing the total arrogance of a lot of scientists talking about evolution it makes me wonder if it's really a scientific theory or another form of religion.

Something that is scientific has to be true, it can't be open to interpretation or opinion, it is either correct or false. But a lot of the evolution scientists preach the theory as though they're trying to convince people based upon belief rather than facts.

The problem I have with evolution is that every counter argument is also concidered proof as evolution, so no matter what strange animals exist in the world there is always the same reason for them to be. I'm not sure if I've explained that right so here are some examples.

Why do men have nipples? An evolutionist would explain how babies develop in the womb in a certain order and the nipples are developed before the rest of the sexual organs. This is concidered proof that evolution is real because a creator would never design babies in that way. What if in our culture men used their nipples to 'breast-feed' a baby in order to comfort him/her. Then the evolutionist would say that evolution gave men nipples in order to help bring up children, and children are more likely to survive with two parents looking after them. But what if men didn't have nipples at all? An evolutionist would say men don't have nipples because they are not needed so therefore this is proof that evolution is real.

In other words it makes no difference if men have nipples or not, it always leads to the argument that evolution is real. Completely different facts, even hypothetical made up ones, lead to the same conclusion. But isn't this what creationists have been doing?

If a lizard is green and lives in a tree then the reason why it is coloured green is to camouflage it so it will be safe from predators. But if a lizard is bright orange and lives in a tree then it is coloured that way in order to attract a mate. In other words it can be any colour and still be considered as proof that evolution is real.

I find myself thinking that the theory of evolution started out as a genuine scientific study that has turned into a form of religion in its own right. If you dare to even question it you'll get branded a religious nutter.

I once posted a message on a forum questioning how age-span can be passed onto the next generation. It was my first post and was a geninue question that I wanted to know the answer to. I was told I was so retarded that it was a wonder I could dress myself in the mornings.

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