12th September '15 - Elder Scrolls Online Vampires.

The videogame known as The Elder Scrolls Online does have vampires but to be honest they're not very frightening and tend to attack in a usual animalistic fashion of charging at you rather than biting the neck. They do this continuously until you die yet with non-playable characters they turn them with each bite. So the game's not consistent within is own lore. There are some terrifying werewolves however who rip characters apart with each bite, consuming bloody flesh, so I'm unsure why the game falls flat when it comes to vampires.

The story arc when it comes to vampires is clever in that there are essentially two factions led by father and son. The father wants the vampires to live the old way and kill for nourishment whenever they feel like it, hunting people for food, whereas the son wants to find a cure. Your character is caught up in the middle and has to decide the best course of action knowing that if the cure fails the vampires' blood hungry lusts may be far stronger than before. The son means well but he could make things a whole lot worse.

I met up with a character named Rala, She told me she was originally a Dark Elf slave who was discarded and left to die. She succumbed to the cold and died from exposure only to wake with a vampire standing above her. She had been turned. She then told me, "Just because I'm not attempting to rip you open and feast on your blood doesn't mean I'm not thinking about it." She's a very polite vampire. She misses not being able to go out in the beautiful sunshine as her flesh would explode if she did.

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