10th November '07 - The Environment.

I've always been sceptical about global warming and anything to do with the environment. The problem is I remember being told that we will all run out of fossil fuels before the year 2000 grinding the modern world to a halt, and being told that the hole in the ozone layer will kill us all within a few years. None of this has happened and the hole in the ozone layer is still there.

I'm not a scientist, but there are a lot of scientists that say golbal warming is true so I think the safe thing would be to asume that it is then do something practial to stop it.

It's the way politicians, environmentalists and people using it as some kind of fasionable concern that I object to. Suddenly there is a new buzzword called Carbon Footprint that is being bantered around, this word will all likely be replaced by another in a few years.

I don't want to be told that switching my TV off instead of leaving it on standby will somehow save the planet, while celebrities that know nothing about the environment travel to the north pole by private plane and talk about how it is melting because I'm too lazy to get up and switch the TV off properly.

I saw a building being knocked down to make way for the new Olympic stadium in London, it was smashed apart with all the glass windows still in place, there was even some furniture left inside. Why didn't they carefully take the building apart and recycle everything? The answer is because it would cost them more money and time to do that. Meanwhile the London mayor will proudly go on about how wonderful the olympics is for the country then say how commited he is to the environment.

Whenever I go food shopping I always use the free shopping bags they provide, I then use each bag as a bin liner for my kitchen bin. But apparently lots of people do the same and there are lots of plastic bags full of rubbish in land fill sites. So a lot of environmentalist groups are calling for a ban on the free bags and people will have to purchase the more expensive bags. The free ones are thin and biodegradable. This means that people will have to buy bin liners as well which will end up full of rubbish and on the land fill site so it will make no difference. It's a half-arsed approach that hasn't been thought through.

I hope so much that golbal warming isn't true because the fake evironmentalists are just using it as something fashionable to care about while the real environmentalists are probably aware that we are all doomed.

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