24th April '15 - Enclave For The PC.

Many years ago I bought a game for the original Xbox called Enclave. I was completely blown away by it and I've fond memories of playing that game over and over again. It was one of those games that I could play for hours on end and not realise how much time had passed. Everything about the game was perfect; the graphics, the gameplay and music all appeared to be spot on. Even the steampunk style bird on the menus wearing an eyepiece gave the game a quirkiness that enhanced the over all feel.

I loved the fact that each level usually involved rescuing another character who would then become playable on the subsequent levels giving the player more choice of characters the further they progressed. With different strengths and abilities some levels were difficult for certain characters but easy for others. Towards the end of the game your character choices are huge with warrior, hunter, elf druid and magician to name a few. There's a light campaign where you play as the good guys, and a dark campaign playing as the enemy. Playing as the enemy has you playing as a female slave forced to do bad things by an evil witch, so it some ways you're still not really bad.

When I bought an Xbox360 I discovered Enclave was one of those non backwards compatible games so I was no longer able to play it and instead sold it with the original Xbox.

Recently I was looking as PC gaming websites, such as Steam and GOG, and I discovered the PC version of Enclave was available. I downloaded it for less than 5 and started playing it right away. The memories of how wonderful the game is came flooding back and I've been playing it constantly.

The graphics are amazing with atmospheric lighting effects of candles and flames, as well as the shiny metallic statues that act as checkpoints. I don't remember them looking anywhere near as good on the Xbox.

There are a number of annoying bugs, most likely due to playing an old game on a modern PC, but they are usually fixed by pressing the Windows key, returning to the desktop, then returning to the game. Sometimes my character gets stuck on nothing and won't move, sometimes they'll run constantly even with my finger not touching the move button, and at one point my weapon was nonexistent.

I'm stuck. She won't move!

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