7th October '12 - The Entertainment Media Show.

Yesterday I visited the Entertainment Media Show at Olympia in London. I've been to many conventions such as this but this particular one was slightly different than the others.

It was pouring down with rain during the night and early morning, and I wasn't sure whether to take a large coat or a small one that can easily be removed then tucked into my bag. I was also worried that my trousers could get wet. But luckily the rain stopped before I left and later that day it was sunny.

The Olympia venue itself is a little smaller than the other ones I've been to but it does have a huge glass roof that lets in natural daylight giving the feel that you're actually at an outside venue.

There were less stalls than over events I've been to. Most sold the usual sci-fi items such as pictures, DVDs and statuettes but there were a lot more comic and artist stalls this time. A lot of the artists signed their comics/artwork and in some cases drew a picture especially for me. It's amazing to see how some people have the talent to draw something of such high quality before your eyes in a fairly short space of time. I've got a beautiful hand drawn (not a print) of Lara Croft drawn in pencil.

There were quite a few cosplayers, although not any dressed in Star Trek uniform as is quite common in other shows. Instead most were dressed as Dr Who. There were two women dressed as Lara Croft, and I think there were two Darth Vaders walking around. I did however miss the Cosplay Masquerade because the timing of the photoshoots meant it clashed with the Red Dwarf session which was extremely busy. By the time I had my photo taken the Cosplay Masquerade had ended.

Danny John-Jules from Red Dwarf couldn't make it so it did spoil the photoshoot a little but I did get a 10 refund on the ticket. Craig Charles said he loved my shirt making a comment that he would like to wear something like that on stage.

I also saw a woman walking around wearing an old style dress, with chopsticks in her hair and a necklace containing a watch pendent. She had lots of piercings too. I was intending to ask her for a photo but realised she may not have been in cosplay at all, it may be her usual clothing. She may have been a lolita goth or something similar.

One of the crew at the show, the man that made sure people queued properly, kind of reminded me of someone I know. He even sounded a bit like him too even though I know it clearly wasn't him. It's amazing how some people can look alike, he was even bald like the man I know.

There was a table that was full of Neo magazines and a sign saying they were for free, but there was no person there handing them out. I noticed there were two editions of the magazine so I took one of each, but later I realised it was really the same magazine edition, the back cover was an alternative front cover.

One disappointment was the Dr Who/Torchwood Cosplay session that was listed as part of the events. I assumed it would be similar to the Cosplay Masquerade but specific to Dr Who and Torchwood, but instead it appeared to be a disorganised mess with so specific event taking place. Telling people to feel free to take photos of each other on stage then wandering off isn't really an organised event. Basically nothing happened and the people that were in costume left again.

One of the many talented artists at the event.

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