17th April '10 - Stupid Ebay Error Message.

I was using Google images and I clicked on a picture and up popped one of those fake computer scan websites pretending that you have a virus and wanting you to download their fix software which is a real virus so I closed Internet Explorer right away.

Then later when I logged into ebay I got a very strange error message asking for my credit card details. I thought I must have recieved a virus that detected I was using ebay and redirecting me to a fake ebay site. But after I looked up the error message aparently it's genuine, it's displays that message if your ebay fees are above 15 and you haven't selected auto payment for them using Paypal or a credit card. I always paid fees using paypal but never had it set to auto payment.

Why why doesn't ebay explain that as a proper message when you log in instead of such a strange and unusual message.

Aparently this is a genuine message and not a virus!

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