30th September '09 - Ebay Review Of Ghost In The Shell Vol 2.

When purchasing a DVD on ebay there is a section where you can write a review so other buyers can read about it. The review has to be about the DVD itself rather than the person you bought it from, it's seperate from ebay feedback.

I bought Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex Volume 2. It is also available as a DVD box set of the entire series but I prefer to buy them as seperate volumes because they have more extras on.

This is what I wrote as the review:

Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone complex Vol. 2 contains episodes 5-8, Decoy, Meme, Idolater and Missing Hearts.

The episodes Decoy and Meme follow the events of The Laughing Man hacker with people's minds being hacked, Section 9 believe that the police may be intentionally scapegoating a man so they can close The Laughing Man case.

Idolater is about a man that has copies of himself and Section 9 has to try to trace the real man, there are some good fight scenes with Motoko actually getting hurt.

Missing Hearts is about a young girl who is having a heart transplant, Motoko's close friend is a nurse and she tells her about the girl, Section 9 then investigates illegal trafficking of human organs.

Two of the episodes on this volume give hints as to Motoko's sexuality and personal life and give an insight on how she lives when she's not working.

The extras on the DVD include, English and Japanese language options, subtitles, interview with Osamu Saka (voice of Aramaki), interview with Yoko Kanno (composer), episode decriptions, character profiles, image gallery and trailers. There is also a second disc that contains the same but with DTS audio.

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