8th July '08 - Demelza.

About two years ago I was dating a woman named Demelza, we actually met online and our first date was at McDonalds, I know it wasn't a very romantic place to meet but we didn't really know each other that well and it was just a safe place to meet to check each other out.

We saw each other for about six months but then we broke up but we never said we would break up we just drifted apart and stopped seeing each other.

I was thinking about her a lot recently, I know it's not the usual sort of thing to mention on a blog because it's all personal but I feel the need to talk about her.

I made a website last year with romantic poetry on and I wrote a poem about her, I've never written poetry before and the poem itself is just a standard rhyming poem. I wrote all of my thoughts about her down before writing it and I wrote about what I love about her as a list and converted it into a poem. My peom is called Demelza and is on this site > http://www.raysnet.com/lotsoflove

Quite often she bought me presents, chocolates, a CD player and a dozen roses. She sometimes gave me small personal things of hers such as her hair band and necklace. She bought me a lot in fact and I felt a bit embarassed that I couldn't buy her much because I never had much money.

She invited me out dancing and I told her I wasn't into that. Another time she asked if I would go on a picnic and I said something like 'Yes but not today' or words to that effect.

I think my problem was that I didn't see how lucky I was. I think I may have mucked up a beautiful relationship that could have bloomed because I was a bit too boring for her. :(

A dozen roses.

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