7th May '08 - Online Dating.

I joined an online dating agency recently. I took a lot of care making the best profile I could and in as much detail as I could. I also selected the best photo I had.

I received at least one reply each day and sometimes more, at one time I had eight in one day. Some of the responses were perfect and I wanted so much to respond but even though the dating agency claimed to be free I had to pay to respond. I already guessed before I signed up that it would probably work that way so I wasn't too shocked.

When I attempted to upgrade my account so I could respond I realised that it wasn't a fixed payment per month etc., but it was per message. I realised it was going to work out too expensive so I decided to cancel my account and use another dating agency but there was no option to cancel it and when I emailed them they never got back to me.

If the agency doesn't respond soon I will have to edit my profile and just leave it blank. I don't like the idea of people responding to it when I'm not able to contact them back, it just wastes their time.

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