14th March '08 - Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness.

I've been replaying The Angel of Darkness on the PC because I needed to do some more screenshots for one of my websites. I haven't played it in years, normally I would play it quite a few times but the game is so buggy and full of mistakes that I never bothered.

It seems different to how I remember it though, it is actually fun to play and I've been enjoying it. I think it's because I'm already aware that it's full of mistakes so they aren't as annoying when they occur.

Lara can still to all her acrobatics and jump around and it still has that lonely feel to the game. There are plenty of other characters that she interacts with but they are just people she meets along the way, they're not actually her friends so she is still alone. There are none of those silly Simon says interactive cutscenes either telling you to press Left or Up or X etc, I hate those and most new games have them.

A brilliant thing about it is that when you press the Down key Lara will step backwards instead of turning around and walking towards you.

There are some parts of the game that were cut out but these are still playable if you hack into it or use the 'intentional-bug' that causes the game to load in the deleted part of the game map!

Anyway, the point that I'm making in this blog entry is replay your old games as they are often better than new games even if they do contain lots of bugs. Tomb Raider The Angel of Darkness is more than twice the size of Tomb Raider Anniversary ;)

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