8th December '14 - Strange Dream About Joanna Dark.

Last night I had an unusual dream where I was playing the game Perfect Dark Zero online and the mission was to find the exit as quickly as possible without getting killed. Incidentally there isn't a mission like this within the real game. I was hiding behind a door and no one could find me so I intended to wait until the game timer ran out then win the game by default, but my plan was foiled when the door opened by itself so everyone could see me. I quickly ran for the exit and won the game.

In the next round it was someone else's turn to be hunted while everyone else searched for them. I was confused because we were all playing as different characters, with some being skeletons, making me unsure as to who was on whose side. Incidentally there are skeleton characters within the real game if you're unfamiliar with it. I then realised the person playing as Joanna Dark was the enemy as she was shooting everyone while running towards the exit. I hurried over to her and started shooting but she had lots of energy and was surviving. Her gun then started to click as she ran out of ammo. She dropped the gun and said "I give up", but I felt sorry for her and dropped my gun then showed her where a secret exit was. We both ran through it and fell down a long slide leading to a colosseum.

Suddenly I had turned into Fox Molder from the X-Files. Joanna Dark then asked why I had saved her life and I told her I had fallen in love with her and had been ever since we did battle with Goldfinger from the James Bond movie. Suddenly, as though on cue, Goldfinger was in the stands of the colesseum sitting in a machine gun nest. Neither I nor Joanna had weapons so we were going to die but luckily other members of Joanna Dark's team turned up to save us.

It was just a silly nonsense dream but it was fairly intense so I thought I'd write it down here.

Joanna Dark is a tough yet camp character.

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