17th January '14 - Crazy YouTube.

This is another blog entry where I rant and moan about something. I try to avoid these kind of entries but YouTube has gotten so annoying lately.

Google have combined Google+ with Youtube so now each user has to have their full names displayed. Personally this doesn't bother me too much, if anything it means people are less likely to troll if they are using their real name. It also makes it more fiddly to set up multiple accounts just for the sake of leaving a nasty comment. A side effect of this though is that I never used Google+ for my Youtube account, but did for my Gmail. This means I've automatically got two Youtube and two Google+ accounts. I never asked for Google+ and Youtube to be joined together Google just took it for granted. I've had people adding me as a Google+ friend even though I never use it.

If you watch a number of YouTube clips, then decide to log-in in order to add a comment, then the page of the very first vid you viewed will be displayed rather than the one you were just looking at.

I've also been having problems giving a vid or comment a thumbs up as it doesn't always register that I done it.

In the past I've uploaded vids on YouTube and the music was automatically removed due to copyright restrictions. Yet now there are often full movies as well as full music soundtracks. I've even seen porn on there and you can't just flag the vid as being inappropriate without filling in so many different options and a report on why you deem it to be that way.

That last straw for me, which got me to write this blog entry, was a vid where a woman puts a clothes pin on her belly button, converting it from an innie to an outie, it was a fun vid to watch. Well apparently Youtube have removed it on the grounds that it contains nudity and sexual content which it clearly did not.

A belly button counts as nudity and sexual contant, but penises, boobs and vaginas are acceptable.

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